Public Privates I + II   |   1997   |   je 37 x 50,5 cm   |   C4-Fotoprints   |   Edition: max. 5, 1 E.A.

Public Privates

4-teilige Farbfotoserie von mit dem Feuerzeug bearbeiteten Miniaturfiguren

„privates“ I praivits I eng. n. pl. = Geschlechtsteile

Mein Beitrag zu den schon damals heftig und inflationär am Kunstmarkt grasierenden Body-Sex-Gender-Bemühungen aller Couleurs …

Public Privates

4-part colour photo series of miniature figurines, re-worked with a lighter

“privates” in the english sense of the word, meaning sexual organs

My contribution to the efforts towards body-sex-gender-definitions by all and sundry, which were rampant and overstated in the art market even then.


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